Can I Promote My YouTube Channel On Facebook?

Can I Promote My YouTube Channel On Facebook?

In the starting of the YouTube channel, you’ll hardly get any subcribers of viewvers. The first few years are tough for the channel as nobody knows about your channel.

No matter how good your videos are and how consistent you’re in publishing those, you still need external help to give your channel a boost.

This can be via a few strategies like SEO or Social media ads.

SEO can work too but you need to be strategic and have to understand it deeply before you taking an action.

Whereas social media ads like Facebook can greatly work.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about how you can promote your YouTube channel on Facebook and what are the advantages of it.

Let’s get started!

Can I Promote My Youtube Channel On Facebook?

Absolutely, you can promote your YouTube channel either by free page promotion if you own any established page or by running paid ads.

Which Industries Will Work Better On Facebook Promotion?

Facebook has a lot of users so even if your channel is about something obscure than you can still be able to successfully run a campaign.

However, these industries tend to work better:

  • Gaming
  • Entertainment, media, music
  • Technology, Telecom
  • Consumer goods
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Retail
  • Any satisfying product (like jelly cleaner for keyboard)

Which Video To Pick To Promote Your Channel?

If you’ve already got about 10+ videos on your channel than you should be able to get enough data from your channel stats about which video you should select for the promotion.

Other than that we have already talked about creating a custom video which is a better idea in our opinion.

Should I Create A Dedicated Video Just For The Promotion?

It’s not required but if you want to create a custom video just for running ads on Facebook like you want to say “Hello Facebook watchers” etc than this can be a good idea however it’s not required.

You can also promote your existing content on Facebook.

Another question which people ask is:

Do I have to unlist my YouTube video for running ads on Facebook?

Than the answer is it’s recommended to unlist the video because that way if you’ve already got a few subscribers on your YouTube channel they will not be able to know if you made any new video just for Facebook.

Because it doesn’t make any sense to make an introduction video in the middle of the channel when your channel is already published a few information videos.

Alternative And Free Way?

If you’ve already got an establish Facebook page which has a few thousand followers than you can post your videos on it to get advantage of this free promotion.

Although, many marketers noticed that Facebook is killing the organic reach making it way harder to promote freely on Facebook.

Facebook is forcing marketers to run ads to get the benefits they used to get when having a Facebook page with lot of following.

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