Is Graphic Design A Dying Career? [3 Points]

Is Graphic Design A Dying Career?

Graphic design is critical to the success of your marketing efforts. From logo design to web page design, graphic design is a key component to building your brand and communication with your customers and clients.

In this post, we’ll talk about is graphic design a dying career?

Let’s talk about it…

Is Graphic Design A Dying Career?

Not at all.

While the future may look bleak for the few, the future is looking bright for the many. In fact, it’s never been a better time to be a graphic designer.

The world is becoming an ever more visual place, which means that your skills will always be in demand. With the growth of online commerce, businesses are looking to make a bigger impression on their prospective customers.

That’s why you’ll always have an opportunity to make a good living from your graphic design skills.

Why Graphic Design Can’t Die

Here are the few reasons as to why graphic design can’t die anytime soon:

1.      AI Can’t Beat Human Designers

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made a lot of progress in the past few years. It can beat the best players in chess, checkers and even the ancient game of Go.

When it comes to painting, however, AI fails miserably. In the latest experiment, Google’s DeepDream algorithm was challenged to produce a new artwork based on a photo but failed.

As of now AI is not good enough for visual aspects. That’s why you see image captchas because they’re very hard for AI to interpret.

It’s not that surprising that AI can’t paint works of art.

After all, it’s not one of the things that were included in the original vision for AI, which was formalized in 1956 by John McCarthy. The AI, according to McCarthy, should be a machine that can match or exceed the abilities of a human in any intellectual task.

But, most people disagree with this and don’t believe this will going to happen especially anytime soon.

2.      Complex Design Still Needs Professionals

Designing a good graphic is more than just the drawing, it’s also about how well the design is implemented.

A designer with a good background and experience could create a great graphics as opposed to AI which constantly require input to produce output.

The graphic designer is a talented artist. He/she will take the client’s idea and translate it into a design that is both compelling and effective whereas AI can’t do this task.

An artist needs a lot of practice to improve his skills. A graphic designer is creative and a good designer needs creativity. Even the best ideas are not enough if the graphic design is not well designed.

A graphic designer needs to be able to think in three dimensions to create graphics.

Again AI will fail on this as well miserably.

3.      Startups Are Keep Popping Up

In today’s world, startups are in a constant race to be the first to market. The problem is that most startups fail because of poor planning, not because of a bad idea.

Entrepreneurs face a lot of risks when starting a new business. But the big startups that do succeed do so because of their marketing and branding and both of these as to do with great graphic designs which do require a professional.

Graphic designers are ones that know how to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition. They come up with the right marketing and branding strategy that creates a strong perception of their business.

With so much competition in the graphic designing space, you’ll surely find a person within your budget.

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