Is Reddit Good For Marketing?

Is Reddit Good For Marketing?

Reddit is considered to be the front page of the Internet.  As of now in 2021 Reddit is 15 years of age and still continue to grow.

Reddit covers every topic under its umbrella and is a forum based website. Meaning, anyone can join to discuss a topic or ask question.

Users on the Reddit sites are called Redditors just like Youtubers on Youtube.

What’s The Good Part?

Unlike many forum based websites, Reddit has both Android and iOS applications which let the users download and keep in their phones.

The advantage of it is that Reddit seems to send notification from time to time so users to let them stick on to their platforms and grow overtime.

It might be possible that your answer or question will get sent to these millions of users worldwide.

The Concept

Reddit concept is based on sub-reddits. Which simply means a webpage dedicated to a specific topic. And Reddit let you join whichever sub-reddits that you’re interested in.

Here are a few examples of sub-reddits:

What Are The Advantages Of Joining Specific Sub-Reddits In Terms Of Marketing?

Here are a few advantages of joining groups of specific niche in terms of marketing:

Regular Updates

You’ll get regular updates regarding the topic. This will let you plan the future of your business or grow accordingly.

Discover Pain Points Of Potential Customers

If a Redditor has asked something on the platform that can mean thousands of people are also looking for that answer too.

Reddit let you find the pain points of people that might become your potential customers. Learn and implement what they have to say and if your product or service is well compatible with what they are looking for promote it in a subtle way.

What You Need To Know?

Reddit is a well moderated platform which means you can’t promote your product or service that easily. Moderators know what you’re up to.

So the strategy is to engage for about 2 weeks on the platform by making comments on other peoples post and help people.

After you’ve gained enough trust and authority start promoting your product or service but in a subtle way.

Don’t link to your website otherwise it can raise a red flag enough to get your account banned no matter how much reputation you’ve gained in the past.

Just mentioning brand name is enough for them to discover your business. And the main advantage of using brand names is that they’ll than search on Google to find your business giving Google a signal that your brand is important to them and help your SEO along the way.

Wrapping It Up

Is Reddit good for marketing? Absolutely and without any doubt. Many people ask their difficulties and get responses pretty fast.

Reddit is a good place to start especially when you don’t have a budget to spend on Google and Facebook ads.

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