Why Are Nike Outlets So Cheap? [4 Factors]

Why Are Nike Outlets So Cheap?

Why are Nike outlets so cheap? Ever thought about that?

Well in this post, we’ll going to explore different variables and find out why really is that the case…

Why Are Nike Outlets So Cheap?

Nike outlets are one of the sources where buyers can get top quality, branded clothing, footwear, and accessories at discount prices.

Nike outlets are official stores that sell discounted, over-stocks and discontinued merchandise.

The outlets are commonly located in tourist destinations, malls and major shopping districts. Some of the outlet stores may only carry clearance items.

Nike outlets may carry overstocks of Nike that have not sold in the regular stores, clearance items from retailers, discontinued styles or abandoned special orders from customers.

1.      Over Stocks

Over stock is a huge issue in the online retail business. People are not willing to pay full price for something that is not in demand at the current moment. Even if the products are branded like Nike.

So many sellers have to sell their products at cheaper prices.

There are a lot of ways to sell your overstock online. You can use a store, like Amazon, to sell your products. You can opt to sell it on eBay or you can even sell it yourself on your own site.

But for big brands it’s always an advantage to open a physical store and sell the over stock items from there. Why?

So they can show the live proof to all how Nike brand is so strong and market that way.

2.      Discontinued

More than just a brand, NIKE is a titan in the world of sports. With a variety of products, the brand makes sure that its customers are well-catered to.

Nike tests its customer base a lot and because of this there’s an over production of the items which can’t be produced for years.

So when Nike notices that some products are not given the utmost importance they discontinue them and sell the remaining products in outlets for much less price.

3.      Way Of Marketing

Nike does a great job with its marketing strategy. They were able to appeal to the target audience with the outlet products at a much reduced cost as consider it a great marketing campaign.

They’re able to easily sell their products at a much reduced price. But still the products are branded and of high quality.

So they have been able to attract a lot of customers though this marketing campaign and gained a lot of popularity in the past.

This is the reason why NIKE is now the world’s biggest sportswear brand in the world.

4.      Clearance Sale

Nike every now and then, plan for a clearance sale and the products are usually sold out from the outlets rather than from a website.

For a lot of people, clearance sale is a good chance to buy the NIKE product at a cheaper price.

Wrapping It Up

So these are the reasons as to why Nike is so cheap when you buy the products from their outlets.

They purposefully do that to market their business to a whole lot of people and remain the world’s best brand in when it comes to sports.

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