AI Generated Graphic Design: Are They Worth It?

AI Generated Graphic Design

AI is entering in to many industries where human presence was once required. Due to the technologies advancement in machine learning, AI and data science, many scientist are now able to realize that human presence is not really required when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Although, AI is not really something that can be compared to humans but still the tools available in the market might shock you. These AI tools can be able to generate:

  • Human like voice
  • Complex graphic designs
  • Even can write blog articles

But are the comparable to human like quality? Let’s find out:

AI Generated Graphic Design

AI generated graphic designs are great for a quick mockup design of something to set a background for your design.

Even after AI, human presence will still be needed for 2 reasons:

1)     AI Is AI

Meaning, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not something that you can completely rely on. There will be someone who needs to see whatever designs the AI tool is generating and only than you should be using it.

AI is not perfect. The good part about AI is that it can do the most heavy design lifting for you.

On the other hand, you just need to approve or reject the design so that the AI can know what your needs are and can generate much more appealing designs for your specific case.

2)     No Complete Designs

As of now if you’re trying to sell artwork or to create something for your clients than AI is not suitable for that purpose. It might help you generate quite a lot of designs in seconds but human input is necessary so you can move things around, add text or change color to make it look like what your client would expect to see.

So ask yourself, do you think AI is worth it? It might be in your use case but comparatively if you think AI can be able to remove the human presence completely than this isn’t going to happen. Though, it might be possible that employees will be forced to leave their jobs as employers don’t really need them but, getting rid of all the man force is not possible at all.

Can I See AI Graphic Design Tools In Action?

Absolutely, there are actually many design tools available in the market you just need to search for them. As graphic design is a vast field, so you should expect to see many different tools regarding these:


This AI tools will help you cut the backgrounds of an image in seconds. Every graphic designer should be familiar with removing background images and this tool can do the task in seconds giving you the perfect product image which you can take advantage of or create new images using it.


This might not be useful for you but we are listing it here just to let you know how fast AI is improving and what the future can hold.

Tapet is an Android app capable of producing high-quality HD random background in a matter of seconds. The images are made using AI and at the time you’re running the application. No background is static and stored in the app instead; everything is randomly generated using artificial intelligence.

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