What Is Parallax Effect In Website?

What Is Parallax Effect In Website?

Parallax effect is not something new in fact it’s been around for years.

It’s said that this technique was originally started in 1930s and started gaining popularity in 1982.

That basic parallax effect which you already be quite familiar with remain popular until 2016 and then started declining in its popularity since every trend has to lose its hyped position and come down to original position.

You can see the data here:

What Is Parallax Effect In Website?

In simple terms while scrolling if your foreground is moving (which generally it does) but, your background is either stuck or move slowly comparatively to the foreground than the design simply referred to as a parallax website design.

The concept of the basic design are all gone instead these days you’re expected to see complex parallax effect as shown below:

Parallax effect website

Which Industry Websites Are A Good Fit?

You might be tempted to use parallax design on your website but there are a few categories that these kind of designs really fit in.

Imagine a government website is using this kind of design would you think it will fit the theme of the website probably not.

These parallax designs are only suited for a few industries. The ones that you really prioritize are:

  • Logo designers
  • Web designers
  • UX person
  • Videographers
  • Photographers
  • Event and celebration planning
  • And the similar industries alike

These kind of websites are a great fit and will show your customers a feeling that their own project that they are willing to give it to you will turn out great as well.

Basically, every website that has to do something with videos, images, graphics are well suited for parallax effect and in fact you should incorporate a bit of it even if you’re not planning to use parallax as your overall theme of your web design.

Websites That Aren’t A Great Fit For Parallax Design Are:

  • Government
  • Education

In short, any serious website with no fun element at all shouldn’t be using parallax design.

Though, if you really want to go against the designing rules you’re most welcome.

Do People Still Use Parallax Website Design?

Parallax has been around for years and still to this date people do use it. But, that traditional approach is not applicable anymore.

That simple non-changeable image in the background which does nothing exciting while scrolling is now considered as an old-school technique.

The more modern approach is to give your parallax a complex animation by coding different parts of your image so the scrolling effect should trigger at different times of a single image making it appear more modern in design and overall aesthetics.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know what is parallax effect in website and how it can turn your website to a great design if you consider using it.

But, at the same time you should know that old design is not working anymore. Perhaps, you have to hire a professional website and UX designer to be specific to get the kind of design you really want or to take ideas from that person.

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