Is Spotify A Saas? [YES or NO]

Is Spotify A Saas?

With the SaaS business on rise we often overlook on the tools that we use on a daily basis without realizing that these tools are indeed SaaS tools.

SaaS is overtaking the most traditional approach of selling software. Nowadays, many of the tools we use are browser based without the need to download anything.

This gives the user a fair advantage:

  • No security scans are required

Downloading software on your computer always carry a risk of data breach. This can also happen on the SaaS tool but still your personal pictures, passwords, videos all remain safe. Only the data that you’ve uploaded on the SaaS tool can be exploited using a data breach.

  • Small monthly fee

Previous when one has to download the software in order to use it needs to pay the full price. With the revolution of SaaS, you pay on a monthly basis and cancel your subscription anytime.

  • Server load

Previously, when you download your favorite software you have to use on your computer which do take some resources of your computer like CPU usage and memory. However, in the case of SaaS the software is run on the website’s server without interfering with your computer or memory.

Is Spotify A Saas?

Absolutely, Spotify is a SaaS based model. How? If you go to this link:

You’ll see different plans that you can opt into. This shows that Spotify is indeed a SaaS tool.

How To Know If A Website’s Or App Business Model Is Saas?

The logic behind is pretty simple. You can identify any SaaS business model by going to the pricing page. If you see a monthly subscription option(s) that’s how the SaaS websites work.

Whether you subscribed from the website or app it’s still the same.

Why Saas Is Booming?

SaaS is a great business model for companies for a reason. It lets people subscribe on a monthly basis and can cancel it anytime of the day.

Making it affordable also for those who couldn’t afford the use of premium software’s.

Although, most of the SaaS software’s are browser based but a few can still run on your PC.

Such software’s are generally the ones that require loads of power from your computer to run and are not suitable running on the web server.

One example is Adobe suite. It used to be the case when Adobe requires you to pay the price in full. But, they (for the last few years) switched to the SaaS based model and now charging $52.99 / month.

With this subscription you’ll get all the tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, XD and so on

Wrapping It Up

Spotify is a music app that let you listen to your favorite songs without interruption of the ads and is indeed a SaaS software.

Giving you the freedom of listening to unlimited songs for a one small fee.

The good part about Spotify is that you can also download the music as well and can listen to it without connecting to the Internet.

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