What Should A Personal Letterhead Include?

What Should A Personal Letterhead Include?

Letterhead is one of the key things you should own for the sake of your company. It helps a lot in terms of professionalism for your brand and is a necessary thing to invest in.

There are different types of letter head available in the market. Some showcase the whole organization and some are for individuals.

In this post, let’s talk about what should a personal letterhead include to make it more professional and worth the time.

What Should A Personal Letterhead Include?

Here are the big 7 things that you should consider adding in your personal letterhead.

1.      Your Name

Because it’s a personal letterhead it’s necessary that you include your name preferably at the top somewhere.

Showing your name especially in bold and capitalized letters will help you make a strong presence among people.

It also help to let your name stick in their mind.

2.      Address

Like even in a business letterhead, including your address is important. It enhances your trust among people and shows that you’re doing a real business and not a shady one.

Shady businesses often don’t reveal their address and if they have to for some reason they tend to fake it to not get caught in the future.

3.      Phone

As a personal letterhead, add your phone number(s) so people can easily reach out to you if they have to.

Include your WhatsApp or similar application icons if you use them so people can know they have other options to call you from.

4.      Email

Include an email in your letterhead as it look professional. It’s much better if you’ve your own domain email. That way you’ll look more professional than the ones who have generic @gmail.com and others.

To own the private email you should invest in owning a domain name of your personal name. It’s quite cheap and you only have to pay once every year with most of the companies out there.

5.      Signature

Your signature should be included in the letterhead. If you think your signature needs to be revamped make sure you do it as soon as possible.

Signature on the letterhead stands out because that small portion includes your writing and the rest is computer generated text.

For better resolution we recommend a digital signature for which you need to use a drawing tab or a touch screen phone capable of connecting to your PC.

6.      Industry

Showing your industry give you opportunities to connect with new people and unlock your outreach efforts.

It also helps in starting new conversations with likeminded people helping you develop new relationships which can help in your business.

7.      Branding

We recommend creating a letterhead creative as it’s representing a single individual rather than the whole company. By creative we mean to add colors and fonts that align with your company design esthetics.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know what should a personal letterhead include, make sure you include them in yours to make it much more effective and worthwhile of conveying the right message that you want to convey.

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