What Should Be On The Homepage Of A Website? [9 Key Things]

What Should Be On The Homepage Of A Website?

Hands down, homepage is one of the most important page of a website and thus require much more efforts than the other pages.

In this post, we’ll discuss what should be on the homepage of a website so all your marketing efforts will improve the performance and be able to convert the potential customers in to paying customers.

Follow the steps given below to get started!

What Should Be On The Homepage Of A Website?

1.      Tracking Codes

Tracking should be your utmost priority when it comes to managing your website properly. These tracking codes should be implemented on your homepage so you can get a better idea about your potential customers:

  • Heatmaps

Heatmaps are one of those tools which give you a detailed understanding about how users are interacting on your webpage. They show which part of your homepage they’re liking the most.

  • Session Tracking

The advantage session tracking gives you over other tools out there is the ability to see exactly what users are doing on your homepage.

In session tracking the video is created for each visitor along with their key information like device info, browser and country.

Note: If you insert links to other websites like affiliate links or informational sources, then do note as soon as the visitor click on these links the session will be gone and the video will stop recording that specific user as the visitor is no longer accessing your homepage.

  • Facebook Pixel

Many marketers rely on Facebook ads and consider as part of their marketing campaigns. Facebook pixel allow you to collect information about your visitor from your website so you can target those visitors again by running Facebook ads isn’t that great?

  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager

Nothing can beat Google analytics. It’s one of the first few free tracking providers which is actually so good that many gurus in online marketing rely on it.

As the data provided by Google is quite good and useful for future marketing campaigns.

2.      Logo

Obviously, you can’t miss a logo on your website. It’s the easiest branding you can implement right away.

3.      Call To Action

Call to action allows you to convert cold leads in to potential customers. It helps you deliver the correct message to your potential customer so they can become actual customer of yours.

4.      Social Proof

“AS SEEN ON” is the name of the game. Have you seen some of the biggest website on Internet apply this strategy where they showcase brands they’re published in?

It’s one of the old strategies to gain quick trust even with new visitors on your website.

5.      Media Content (Images or Videos)

Videos work well on the homepage as they can deliver better value in the least time possible. They sum up your whole business model. Make sure you don’t go beyond 60 seconds otherwise it’ll get boring.

Also, set the video to auto play and muted so it’ll run automatically as soon as the visitor land on your page.

Other key elements you should have on your homepage are:

6. Title

7. Copywriting

8. Footer

9. Proper Navigation

Wrapping It Up

All of these are the key elements which should be on the homepage of your website to improve your conversion rate and ultimately the look of your homepage.

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