How To Run Ads On Twitch? [In 6 Steps]

How To Run Ads On Twitch?

Twitch is one of those platforms which quickly gained popularity and jumped up in the list of most popular sites in the world.

Today Twitch is one of the most known live streaming platforms on the planet.

It started targeting streaming games at first but, later allowed any type of streaming on the site.

Twitch has strict rules when it comes to sexual explicit content and the moderators are all over the platform watching if anything is not happening right.

Twitch has more than 140 million monthly visitors per month out of which mostly are under 35 years of age.

A perfect age category to target for advertisers.

If you’re considering running ads on this platform than here’s a short guide how to run ads on twitch.

Before We Begin

In this article we primarily focused on how Twitch creators can monetize there channel. If you’re looking run ads as a advertiser on the platform then head over to this link:

However, if you need help in creating the ads campaign we can also help you as a digital agency. Let’s have a chat by connecting to the live agent below.

What You Need To Know?

Only two types of people can run ads on Twitch:

  • Partner
  • Affiliate

You aren’t either of those unfortunately you can’t run ads on Twitch.

Which Niches Works Best For Running Ads On Twitch?

Gaming of course is one of the niches to go after if you want to run ad campaigns on Twitch. If you’ve launched a new game on Google PlayStore, iOS or any other platform than you can generate a positive ROI on Twitch.

You can also target gaming merchandise as well it tends to work great too on the platform.

Other than that these niches are also great to go after:

  • ESports
  • Music
  • IRL

How To Run Ads On Twitch?

  1. Login in your account
  2. Become a partner or affiliate
  3. Go to “creator dashboard” by clicking on your profile image in the upper right corner
  4. Click on the + button (for the most part it’ll be below where it says “Run 60-Second Ad Break”)
  5. Now you’ll see many ad break options from 30 seconds to 180 seconds per ad break.
  6. Just click on “Add” for the features you want to see in your creator dashboard directly

That’s it.

Now when you hover over these boxes you’ll see they are all disabled. It’s because you’re not yet streaming.

These options will become clickable as soon as you start your live stream. You can click on any of the ad break option and the ads will be shown to your viewers which will help you to monetize your channel well.

Statistics Worth Mentioning

About 70% of the user base on Twitch are males and 30% are females.

At a given time about 40,000+ channels remain live on the platform.

In May 2021 hours watched are more than 2 billion.

About 90 thousand streamers performed live in May 2021.

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