Why Instagram Is Better Than Facebook? [4 Reasons]

Why Instagram Is Better Than Facebook?

Instagram is owned by Facebook and is a very well-known social media brand especially in this era of 2021.

It has captured a lot of attention because of its simple design and its all media based which means you can watch videos and pictures of any public profile.

You can also chat on Instagram as well but, it’s bit different from Facebook and more secure.

Let’s talk about as to why Instagram is better than Facebook in terms of UI, usability and marketing purposes.

Why Instagram Is Better Than Facebook?

1.      Minimalism

Many of the people now a days shifting towards this concept of minimalism which simply means keeping a few things on your plate and only doing those to maintain the utmost performance.

When you handle a few things at a time your focus remain the same across only on those things which help you perform better on those specific things.

Facebook is quite complex because it has a lot of features and is not simple at all. Unlike Instagram, which mostly focuses on pictures and videos.

2.      Better ROI On Ads

As Instagram is a visual platform, if your niche is something related to:

  • Traveling
  • Lifestyle
  • Health and Fitness
  • Parenting
  • Business
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Beauty

Than your ads will provide better ROI comparing to the other social media platforms out there.

We recommend that before you begin launching your ads campaign on Instagram start a photography campaign first and hire good quality product photographers for this purpose.

As Instagram is all visual based. Running an ad using a wrong picture might give you a hard time proving your brand success on the platform.

Note: If you’re considering running ads on Instagram contact us and we’ll help you with the whole process including a customized plan tailored made for your business.

3.      No Clutter

Instagram focuses more on no clutter approach. If you look at the design of Instagram you’re most likely to click on a picture or video of other profiles.

That’s how Instagram is made. But, the question is why this actually happens? When on Facebook you usually do these things combined like:

  • Checking notifications
  • Wandering around Facebook groups
  • Accessing friend suggestions
  • Checking who’s online right now
  • Checking page likes
  • And so on

The answer is Instagram only shows what it needs to show and has always kept features to minimum.

That’s why people who use Instagram often only access its main content and stay away from unnecessary things. The good part is, they are actually happy that way.

4.      People Are More Active On Instagram

Have you ever noticed when you post a picture on Instagram, you’re likely to get much more engagement than on Facebook even with less amount of followers comparatively.

The engagement rate on Instagram is far much better than on Facebook.

That’s why most of the time it’s recommended to run ads on Instagram especially if you’re in a visual niche.

Wrapping It Up

So here are the reasons why Instagram is better than Facebook. For better results, you should always focus on omni-channel approach and focus on both the platforms for better performance and a better ROI for your budget.

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