How Can I Make A Website Like Netflix? [Easy Steps]

How Can I Make A Website Like Netflix?

Creating a website like Netflix require you to make a key decision first before proceeding, and that is would you like to create a database of movies yourself, or you want to stream from third party companies?

That’s really important because each movie or episode of a series is roughly 1 GB each if we’re talking about the HD versions.

And that’s actually after compressing them.

How Can I Make A Website Like Netflix?

·         Using Streaming Servers Of Other Websites

Both has pros and cons.

If you want to stream from different servers than the problem is you need to make sure the servers and up and running all the time. For this, you need to hire a developer who can identify the perfect servers 24/7 for each movie or show to give a better experience to the end user.

Unlike many other websites, they tend to show 3-5 different servers on their page and let you identify which one is working.

That’s a bad approach.

And even after that, if the server is working correctly the ads will ruin all the experience and you can’t control or stop these ads from running.

But, the advantage of using other stream servers is that you don’t need a database of your own to make a huge collection of these movies, shows and series.

·         Streaming On Your Own

That’s by far the best option to consider. But, you have to invest in cloud SSD space to make it work the best.

In this approach, you have to manually upload large quantities of the highest quality videos yourself on the server. Your Internet speed matter here.

Pro Tip: Upload those movies which are more likely to get watched. This way you’ll save a lot of time in the beginning of launching a site like Netflix.

We recommend you to pick this option and have your own database of movies so you can let your users stream without ads and you can always control your server if it’s not running properly.

You own each and every movie and episode and there’s no fear of losing any because of the cloud server.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website Like Netflix?

To be honest, creating a website like Netflix might take about 6 months. That is including everything from uploading the files to the server and creating the user Interface.

Where To Get Help Creating Website Like Netflix?

We are here to help you out anything related to the technical side of things and user Interface.

We can make the website design like Netflix or even better with all the branding material you’ll give like fonts, colors and logo (we can help with this too).

For uploading and making a collection of your own library of movies and shows we can provide some pro tips for that but can’t help uploading files on your behalf.

Wrapping It Up

This is how you can create a website like Netflix. Of course, there are many things like copyright issues and so on that you need to keep in consideration.

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