How To Print On Envelopes At Home?

How To Print On Envelopes At Home?

Getting a custom envelop is one part of the game, but getting it actually printed is another.

You might be preparing for a birthday party and want everything to look exceptional from the food items all the way to envelopes.

In this post, we’ll talk about how to print on envelopes at home and how do you even put inside the printer in the first place.

How To Print On Envelopes At Home?

There are a few key steps you need to take to print an envelope yourself.

Step 0) Get everything ready:

  • Computer
  • Application
  • Printer

Step 1) Load the envelope in the printer with flap closed

Step 2) Setup proper size in your application to avoid any mistake. So for example, if your envelope is 4 inches in height and 8 inches wide make sure you set the page size properly.

Quick Tip: For the sake of simplicity, it’s better that you load that custom design in Microsoft word document and center it.

Step 3) Load the printer driver and enter envelope dimensions.

Step 4) Test it. Testing is crucial before you even begin printing on an actual envelope. We recommend that you use the actual envelope for testing but if you think you don’t have enough of them or risk wasting a few than in that case we recommend that you use a piece of paper of the same size of your envelope.

Just a single piece of paper can give you a clear idea if the message is printing properly on the paper. If not, you can always adjust.

One disadvantage though, you can’t know what happens with the actual envelope because some printers are really sharp and might hurt it especially the folding part.

How To Put An Envelope In A Printer?

You need to put envelope in the printer with its flap closed. Otherwise the sharpness of the printer might tear it up or if not it can still damage the look of the printer as well.

Another thing that might happen is it getting stuck inside the printer which nobody wants in the first place.

Is There Any Advanced Way Of Printing Many Envelopes While Remaining Customized As Well?

Absolutely, it’s by using the feature inside the word document known as “mail merge”.

Read the document on the official website for detailed understanding:

Or watch a YouTube video instead:

Wrapping It Up

This is how you can print on envelopes and insert inside printer them in at home.

Customized envelope printing is the best possible way to give respect to people you want to come at your party.

Not a lot of people do this so if you do you’ll feel much better and they too will feel much respected as well.

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