How Much Does It Cost To Print A Banner?

How Much Does It Cost To Print A Banner?

Printing a banner is essential when you want to market something. It can be for a business or to promote a cause.

Either way, banner is indeed required.

You might not be familiar with printing the banners and perhaps it’s your first time. So in this post we’ll talk about how much does it cost to print a banner.

Let’s begin!

How Much Does It Cost To Print A Banner?

There are a few factors which can fluctuate and can increase or decrease the cost of your banner printing. Here are a few of them:


If you’re living in any 3rd world country than the cost of printing will be substantially low comparing to that of 1st world countries.

For example, in countries like Pakistan, India & Bangladesh the cost of printing a banner is substantially low when compared to the rest of the 1st world countries. It’s because the cost of living in the 1st world countries are high and the percentage of cash flow is also high.

Paper Quality

The quality of the paper can create an affect on your printing cost. There are actually many types of the paper to choose from like:

  • Laser Printer Paper
  • Bright White
  • Glossy
  • Matte

Print Quality (Color, Resolution)

The quality of the print matters too and when it comes to the quality of the banner print, two things stand out:


The color matters. The white and black colors are considered to be cheap because they are used in most of the black and white usual printing and thus the demand and supply of it is enough to meet the need.

However, when we add colors like red, green, blue and all the other secondary colors as well the cost of the banner printing increase to a certain extent.

And most probably your banner will incorporate multiple of these non-white and black colors.


Obviously the larger the size of the banner is, the more it’ll be going to cost. Here are a few standards to keep in mind:

  • 970 x 250 is for billboards
  • 336 x 280 is for large rectangle banner
  • 468 x 60 is for banner
  • 234 x 60 is for half banner

Moreover, the resolution also plays a good role in determining your printing cost. Please note that size is not the same as resolution.

Resolution simply means the number of pixels per inch. So let’s say if we have have 2 squares each of having a size of 1 inch.

If the 1st square has 100 pixels in it while the 2nd square has 200 pixels in it, then the second square has more resolution (better quality image) than the first one.

Wrapping It Up

This is how much it cost to print a banner. The location you’re living in can vary as well as the size you want to get printed can play a huge role in your cost as well.

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