How To Measure Branding Success?

How To Measure Branding Success?

It used to be the case when the Internet was new, for new websites to be found and searched via website directories.

Branding in those days was not necessary as all you need is a brand name, domain and hosting to be seen by the Internet users.

Since a very few businesses were using Internet it was quite easy to get in front of the potential customers quickly and without the need for running ads.

But later, when people keep coming on the Internet branding became a necessity to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Today, a right approach towards your branding is a crucial part for your company.

As your competitors are also branding themselves it’s important to know how to measure branding success and access that data in a way to define future branding goals.

Today, in this post we’ll talk about how you can measure your branding success the right way. Let’s begin!

3 Ways To Measure Your Branding Success

Here we’ve listed 3 ways you can access your branding success easily:

Direct Traffic

In our views, direct traffic is the #1 source to identify how your branding is doing. Direct traffic is a result of:


When you pay a YouTube or Instagram influencer or promote your product or services via word of mouth. This provides great result.


Social media ads are also great in two ways. First, if you’ve got enough engagement on your posts it’ll create a social proof for new target audience to see.

Secondly, if you run ads and target the same user about 7 times in a span of 60 days, there’s a greater chance he/she will visit your website, use your free tool or download your app.

Do note, that running the same ads to the same set of potential audience can also be annoying. Make sure, you adjust your ads so they run with a few day gaps in between.

Direct traffic means that the customer visits your website directly from writing your website name in to the browser and without clicking any link.

This really helps your branding to grow. Think of websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are a few example sites that your visit “directly” on a daily basis.

Social Media Mentions

Even if your customers are using social media as a tool to provide you with valuable feedback and provide complaints shows that they are connected to your brand and your branding is on a right track.

Don’t take these complaints and feedback as a threat for your brand. Instead, show some support to your customers so you can have some polite social presence.

And replying should be done quickly to show your potential future customers that you actually care.

Wrapping It Up

There are actually many ways to measure branding success but the ones that mentioned above are a very few things you need to keep in mind so you can focus what matters the most in terms of branding.

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