Is Tiktok Good For Marketing? [2021 & Beyond]

Is Tiktok Good For Marketing?

TikTok is one of the few social media platforms that gained a lot of traction right from the beginning. In about only 5 years (released in September 2016) it has gained 2 billion download on the play store alone.

And according to Oberlo (a Shopify app) it has 689 million active users in 2021.

But the question arises is it worth the effort of spending your ads budget on TikTok? Let’s find out.

Niche Matters

Every platform has different set of audience. And the same goes for TikTok as well. If you’re a digital marketing company, running ads on TikTok will not be a good solution.

So it’s really important to understand which niches works best in the world of TikTok. Here are a few of those:

  • Lip-syncing
  • Dancing
  • Cooking / baking
  • Comedy
  • Arts and crafts
  • Fashion
  • Couple goals
  • Fitness & Health

So if you’re let’s say in the fitness and health niche than you’re good to go. Because it has a lot of reach even on other social media platforms as well.

Since, who doesn’t want to look good and feel healthy from the inside out?

How To Run Ads On Tiktok?

You can simply create ad campaigns by going to the ads page. Running an ad will not take much time but before you do here are a few recommendations especially if you’re new to TikTok advertising:

  • Make sure you run ads for at least 7 days with a budget of $10 per day to spend. This way you’ll be able to see if it’s worthy enough for you.
  • Promote a product of good pricing. $10 is not a lot or less and people are willing to spend this amount anytime of the day. Make sure you’re making 100% of the commission. So let’s say if you were to sell the product directly you should be making $5 in profit. That way if your ROI is not that great you can still be able to make some profit or if not breakeven is still considered as a positive ROI because breakeven lets you learn without spending a single dime. We recommend digital products like courses, ebooks, softwares and so on. Courses works best if you’re in a fitness niche.
  • Copywriting is huge. Believe it or not, your copy can make or break the deal. A good copy convinces the potential customer to become a paying customer and yet remain happy even after the purchase. So it’s really important that your product itself is really good along with the copy.
  • Setup tracking on your website. Sometimes the ads don’t run the way you expect. Finding the root cause can be troublesome if you don’t have enough data to work with. That’s why we recommend setting up some sort of analytics softwares along with heatmap and screen recording so you can track from where the users left and try to find the root cause behind. Setting up these kind of softwares is only possible when you’ve your own domain or of the third party platform allows you to add the embed codes.

Final Thought

Is TikTok good for marketing? Absolutely it is. The important thing is niche selection. So if you’ve compared your ad goals with the list above and if they’re both in harmony than go ahead and see if it works for you.

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