Snapchat Ads Vs Instagram Ads [2021 & Beyond]

Snapchat Ads Vs Instagram Ads

Snapchat and Instagram are both big social media platforms on which your presence can achieve big business goals for you.

Running ads on these platforms require the understanding of the demographics and how much budget you require to see the minimum ROI or breakeven.

Today, Snapchat attract 265 million daily active users on its platform whereas the Instagram attract 500 million daily active users which is about 2X more than the Snapchat.

Snapchat Ads Vs Instagram Ads

Which social media platform will be best for running ads especially in 2021 and beyond? Well, let’s find out.

The Difference You Need To Know…

In order to make the decision we first need to see what’s the core difference between both the apps. We are not talking about UI or settings differences here, it’s about the demographics.

Since this is what matters the most.

Let’s dig deeper and see the core differences between the two:

1.      Age

The age demographics for the Instagram users are in big range. They have users from 13 years of age to about 70.

Whereas when it comes to the Snapchat platform most of the active users are teens and young adults of 13 years of age to 25 years of age. That’s the range of most of the users active on the platform.

2.      Cost

According to most of the statistics, Instagram seems to be cheaper than the Snapchat. But that’s not something you should focus on. It’s all about ROI and what exactly works for you.

If your business targets teenage and young adults and if you need to pick only one platform between the two, than it might be a good idea to spend your ads budget on Snapchat.

Because Snapchat has the most active users under the age of 25.

Your cost might be high on Snapchat as compared to Instagram, but it’s ROI that really matters the most.

3.      Experience

If you’ve already experienced one of these platforms before in terms of running ads, and saw a positive ROI as well. Then, it’s better to stick to that platform since it’s already generating you the positive ROI.

But, if your main goal is to experience the other platform or perhaps to create brand awareness and you don’t care about the budget than try the leftover option as well.

Wrapping It Up

Which one would you pick for your next marketing campaign? Snapchat ads or Instagram ads? Make sure you understand the audience of both the platform and align with your own company audience and see if there’s any overlap.

If you think that both your audience and the target platform audience (either Instagram or Snapchat) are both on the same page continue and create a campaign to see if it works.

Or if you have the amount of budget and you want to learn in real-time and not on the basis of your gut feeling than we recommend running the ad campaigns on both of the platforms so you can see which one is better and specifically provides better ROI for your company.

If you’ve the budget just run the ads on both the platforms regardless of any demographics.

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