Is WhatsApp Marketing Effective? [2021 Guide]

Is WhatsApp Marketing Effective?

There was once a time when no one really knew about chat messenger app called WhatsApp.

Today, more than 1.5 billion users actively using Whatsapp to get connected with their loved ones, acquaintances, friends and families.

Because of the large number of users on the WhatsApp platform, marketers run ads because it can be effective and mainly because it’s a new platform for running ads.

The advantage of running ads on a new platform is that you can get bonuses and the cost of running ads are quite low because there’s not much competition on the platform. No other advertisers are running ads because they are themselves waiting to get the feedback from people like you.

If you set aside a small budget for WhatsApp marketing even in 2021, it can do wonders for you. Let’s talk about if WhatsApp marketing ads are effective or not…

Is Whatsapp Marketing Effective?

The short answer is absolutely.

WhatsApp marketing is really effective. With more people getting connected to the platform each day, WhatsApp is getting more and more saturated in terms of covering every niche on the Internet.

If you want to target let’s say marketers than there are a lot of people who are in the marketing field who’re using WhatsApp on a daily basis.

We are still unsure about how the ads on WhatsApp will look like because it’s still in the modification phase.

If ads are to be shown as a notification than this will be the best possible ROI option for most of the marketers but this will ruin the experience of the end users.

Quick Hack #1

If you’re convinced enough running the ads for your business on WhatsApp than make sure you show your phone number on your ad.

This has shown an increased number of sales of about 27% more.

Showing your number on the ad also helps in gaining more trust among your customers.

Note: We can also help you by running the ad. Contact us through the live chat option given below.

Quick Hack #2

Make sure your website is complete and ready to generate leads. We have seen this mistake so many times.

Most novice marketers run the ad even when their website is not really ready.

The way to tell if the website is not yet ready is really simple.

Footer can tell you a lot about this. Many new businesses show social media images at the bottom of the website when really they’ve not yet made profiles to each of those.

Make sure you’ve selected a perfect design before running the ad

Final Thought

Is WhatsApp marketing effective? As talked about above, yes it’s effective and can provide a positive ROI for your budget. We recommend you to take a small portion from your social media ads budget and invest in WhatsApp to test for your own business.

Don’t be convinced with other people and how they have successful ran the ad. Every business is different and you’ll never know if WhatsApp works for you or not if you don’t test it yourself.

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